BlackBerry - BES Calendar Won't Sync


Active BES, and Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will detail how to resolve calendar syncing issues.



The steps listed here are designed to be preformed sequentially, as a methodology to eliminate the problem. Any step has the potential to resolve the problem.


1. In the event the calendar has stopped syncing on a BlackBerry, first pull the battery, and then replace it.

2. Contact and request service books to be resent to the device. After receiving notification of the resent service books, wait ten minutes and replace the battery again.

3. Turn on the Wireless Synchronization option for the calendar.

  1. Open the calendar on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Press the Menu key and select Options.
  3. Select Desktop under Calendars in the Calendar Options screen.
  4. Change the Wireless Synchronization option to Yes.
  5. Save the change.

4. Delete and resend the Desktop [CICAL] service book (as seen here: Delete Service Book).

  1. Delete the Desktop [CICAL] service book.
  2. ONLY DELETE THE CICAL service book.
  3. Repeat step #2

5. Send an email to updating the staff on the current status of the device calendar sync.


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