Entourage Will Not Sync Calendar & Contacts


Autodiscover record. Entourage 2008 client updated to 12.2.8, EWS update 13.0, and active Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will demonstrate how to view another calendar in Entourage 2008


It is possible for Exchange services to stop, or get stuck in an inactive state in Entourage. These services can be restarted to restore syncing capabilities. If restarting the services fail to rectify the syncing problems, it then becomes necessary to create a new identity and connection to the exchange server. Before proceeding backup any contacts or calendar items that have been created locally and haven't synced up to the Exchange server.


1. With Entourage open locate the contacts or calendar section in the navigation pane, right or control click on the item, and select Folder Properties.



2. Within the Folder Properties window, under the Empty Cache section click on the Empty button, then click OK. This will remove the local cache on the Mac for that folder. After a few minutes check the Outlook Web Access (OWA) portal ( to verify if the item has synced.



3. If the syncing still doesn't function after five minutes, check the disk space available on the Mac. In the event the disk is not full, it will be necessary to create a new identity. Again from within Entourage click File, then select Switch Identity....



4. A window will prompt to confirm the switch in Identities. Click Switch to confirm.



5. Click on the New... button in the identity window to create a new Entourage identity. The setup process will setup a new account.


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