BlackBerry - Remove Duplicate Contacts


Active BES, and Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will detail how to remove duplicate contacts..

The steps listed here are designed to be preformed sequentially, as a methodology to eliminate the problem. Any step has the potential to resolve the problem.


1.Erase the contacts on the BlackBerry to re-download from the Exchange server.
  1. On the Blackberry, open the contacts and go to your options. (Menu -> Options)
  2. Simply type: rset
  3. The device will prompt you to delete the local list and re-populate from the server, choose yes.

The contacts should start to download and populate in the phone anew.

2. If the double contact issues still persists remove the BES or Desktop [CICAL] service books, and only that service book, by following these steps:

1. On the start screen of the phone (sometimes reached after hitting the BlackBerry button), select Options.

2. Press Advanced Options.

3. Select Advanced System Settings.

4. Scroll to, and select Service Book.

5. Find and select the Service Book that will be deleted.

6. Press the Menu key.

7. Select and delete the following:

  • Desktop [CICAL]

8. Send an email to specifying the organization name, and user name of the BES account that needs service books resent.

3. Send an email to if there are further contact issues.

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