Blackberry - Deleted Items Not Syncing


Active BES services, see Add Hosted Services, Activate BlackBerry.


This article will demonstrate how to resolve problems with deleted items not syncing correctly.

With BES services all email actions should universally be reflected to any other connected client, or device. If an email when deleted from the BlackBerry, does not appear as deleted in Outlook the service is not syncing properly and should be examined.


1. The first action taken should be to examine the email reconciliation settings on the BlackBerry. To do this open Messages (email), click Options with the track pad, and then select Email Reconciliation. Change to option for Delete On, to Mailbox & Handheld.


2. In the same menu verify that both Wireless Reconcile, is set to On, and On Conflicts is set to Mailbox Wins. Save the settings and observe the behavior of deleted items after the device is synced.

Conversely the problem may also present itself in the opposite order, when an item is deleted from the Deleted Items Folder in Outlook, it is not deleted from the attached BlackBerry.


1. First examine the settings, and practices as applied to the Deleted Items Folder. Is the folder regularly deleted either automatically, or manually, if so that is likely the root of the problem. A BlackBerry is designed to only delete emails that currently reside in the Deleted Items Folder. Therefore if the emails are moved, and deleted from the Deleted Items Folder before a sync is completed with the BlackBerry, the emails will still reside in the inbox. Before the Deleted Items Folder, is cleaned ensure the email has already been removed from the inbox on the device.

If after verifying all of the conditionals in this support article are not the cause of the syncing problems, please contact our support desk for further assistance.

What Is Next?

Delete Service Books, Wipe A BlackBerry

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    Christina Matthew

    I have one guy with a Blackberry Curve. It keeps falling out of sync with deleted emails. He's deleting them in Outlook, but the deletions aren't syncing to the  groovy essays. It did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I deleted it from the server and re-added it and it started working correctly.

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